Why should you use a PIDS system to protect your warehouse?


If you own a warehouse that houses valuable stock worth lots of money, then you need to find a way to keep it secure. Not only could break-ins result in your business not having the stock it needs to operate, but it could also cost you serious money too. One of the key things to think about when protecting your warehouse is perimeter security. Securing your perimeter will make it much, much harder for people to breach it and commit any theft from within the warehouse itself.

One great security feature to consider here is a perimeter intrusion detection system. These systems offer a whole host of features to keep your warehouse and its contents safe. When the perimeter fencing is tampered with or breached, the installed PIDS system will alert you so you can take action.

But why exactly should you consider installing one?

A large benefit of any kind of effective security system is the advance warning it gives of any potential issues. A PIDS system is superb for this as it will pick up any suspicious activity or pressure on your security fencing instantly and tell you about it. This, in turn, gives you or your security team precise locations of where the potential problem is, along with time to make a calm decision.

Integrates with current fencing

When it comes to security kit, a lot of businesses worry about cost – especially the cost of having to completely rip out an old system to install a new one. PIDS does not need this, however, which makes it cost effective to have fitted. It simply fits onto your existing perimeter security fencing to give outstanding coverage.

Helps staff to maintain complete security

If you have a larger site or premises, then covering all your perimeter can be hard for staff. Even with fencing in place, unwanted intruders could slip in an unpatrolled section and pose a danger to your stock. You may have regular manned patrols covering the whole perimeter, but crafty thieves can soon spot gaps in this which they can exploit. A PIDS system helps to solve this for you by giving total, full coverage of your whole perimeter without the need for a lot of physical patrols.

Choose PIDS today for total security

If you are looking for effective perimeter security that can integrate with your other measures, then why not find out more about PIDS today? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain how it works and why it makes perfect sense for your warehouse site.

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