How to make sure intruders don’t bypass your electric security fencing


There is no doubt that installing top quality electric security fencing around your site perimeter is very effective in keeping unwanted guests out. The physical and psychological effect it has on those would-be criminals is well documented and profound. Of course, as with any security measure, the way you use it is key to making it as effective as it should be.

Here are some great tips on making sure your electric security fencing will work to its maximum capacity:


As with any security system, the detection is only as good as the response. If criminals realise that the alarm being generated will not be responded too then it make little difference. Responding quickly and effectively to the detection is as important as the alarm. The response doesn’t have to be physical on site presence, it could be an audio response with either a pre-recorded message or live audio from a monitoring station.

Keep it maintained

Another key point to think about here is that you need to keep it well maintained. This is especially true if you have had your security fencing in place for a while. Make the effort to check all the electric fencing on your perimeter for loose wires or signs of damage. Not only could this prevent sections working as intended but it is also like a beacon to the ever watching would-be intruder.

Consider further integration

If you only currently use electric fencing as a stand-alone security measure, consider integrating an alarm system into it also. This means that you will be alerted of any suspicious activity or attempt to tamper with the fencing as soon as it happens. A PIDs system is great for this and combines both things to superb effect.

Electric fencing is great for business security

As long as you make sure to use it correctly, electric fencing is still a fabulous security measure for any business or site. If you would like to have the best quality fencing installed today, give Harper Chalice a call. We can talk you through the different options so you get the most suitable protection for your premises.