Security communications network benefits


Protecting a business from intruders should be your number one priority, implementing an alarm system and CCTV cameras is the way to go as it can help to stop criminals from trespassing into a building – but is that enough?

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and electric fencing are the next level of security and can help to deter trespassers before they even attempt to intrude into a building. But for all of the additional security measures to communicate with each other efficiently, there needs to be a secure communications network.

A security communications network is able to monitor alarm sensors and various other security devices across the network and can provide feedback, such as fault detection and tolerance. The key benefit of having a network for all of your devices to communicate between is that it builds an infrastructure and gives the user the ability to use an array of different systems, without the need for separate control systems.

Key Features and Benefits

Users of the network are able to remotely adjust system controls, check event logs and get a system overview of all of the security measures in place. This is a great benefit, depending on how big the site is, it could potentially cover tens of kilometres.

A versatile, touchscreen keypad with a user-friendly GUI can be used by engineers of the system to check diagnostics and make adjustments. With the ability to see if the system is performing well and what areas can be improved is a crucial factor. Some of the electric fencings may be malfunctioning and having the ability to remotely perform diagnostics is a necessity.

A communications network can allow the site to be separated into zones and alarms and anti-tamper devices are only triggered in those specific areas. This is ideal if there’s a need to turn areas of the system off and keep certain areas active.

Acoustic fence detection – this allows the users of the security devices to listen to the analyser’s audio feeds. The need to protect businesses is increasing every year. With the advancement of technology perimeter intrusion detection, electric fencing and intruder detection, the need for all of those devices to communicate together in a singular hub has never been greater.

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