The advantages of having a secure perimeter


Security often focuses on buildings, with locks and alarms fitted to prevent entry to the valuable items and data kept within. At Harper Chalice, we specialise in Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDs) and Electrified Perimeter Fencing for a reason: we believe it is the most effective security solution you can have. Here’s why…

Security starts at the perimeter

You own all of your property so why would you only protect what’s inside the building? Inside the building is too late, they are already inside. Instead, protecting your property at the perimeter or the boundary gives you maximum protection and increased time to respond to any potential intrusion.

Prevents damage

If you own or manage a site, you may find that it attracts trespassers of all kinds, anything from gangs of teenagers to petty thieves and their more advanced counterparts. Some will obviously have relatively benign intentions, but regardless, most will affect your site in a negative way, leaving a mess and causing varying levels of damage to the outside of the buildings, even if they cannot access them. Why put up with that hassle?

Prevents planning

Thieves are becoming more sophisticated. It’s not unknown for them to conduct visits and even a dry run of a site before conducting a raid. This usually involves close inspection of the buildings they intend to break into. Why give them the chance? Electric security fencing, particularly when paired with intruder detection, will notify you if anyone is trying to access the site at unusual or unexpected times. Better yet, they can act as a sufficient deterrent to those considering planning a raid in the first place.

Protects trespassers from being harmed

There is much debate about the duty of care a landowner can or should have to trespassers, and the legalities of this. Regardless of whether or not you could be successfully sued if someone was hurt or killed on your site, it is surely a situation that everyone would far rather avoid happening in the first place, particularly when it is considered that trespassers can be relatively innocent e.g. children playing or homeless individuals seeking shelter. If unauthorised people are unable to access the site at all in the first place, you are safe from such a distressing and stressful occurrence.

If, having read this, we’ve convinced you that perimeter security is indeed your ideal solution for a secure perimeter, contact us today to find out how we can help.