Why sensors are a critical necessity for perimeter security


There are so many systems to choose from when browsing the market for perimeter security systems. The paramount question you should be asking yourself is how best to combine what’s available to provide maximum protection.

The first line of attack should be your fundamental consideration for defence. Security of your outer perimeter is of the utmost importance, and perimeter intrusion detection is a simple but effective tool. Inertial fence protection systems, meaning sensors that you can install on pre-existing structures, are simple and extremely effective defence mechanisms. With careful planning to ensure all points of ingress are covered, combined with some powerful perimeter intrusion monitor software, you should have everything you need to protect your premises.

A piezoelectric sensor is likely the most effective mechanism for detecting intrusions around outdoor perimeters. They work by detecting vibrations caused by contact with a structure, which trigger a charge that helps differentiate between threatening and non-threatening perimeter breaches. When a threatening breach is detected, security guards can then respond and examine the intrusion site to apprehend the intruder.

Another effective option for perimeter intrusion detection is to deploy Radar. These are an extremely useful tool to protect large, open spaces. Installation of Radar systems are quick and easy, and can be integrated into existing CCTV.

The very best perimeter defence strategy comes from combining the use of different technologies for different areas. The deployment of PIDS, Electric Fence and Radar sensors in the areas that suit their strengths best means that they can work in tandem to overcome their weaknesses. This way, you will get a more holistic overview of any movement and intrusions out in the field, right at the point of the outer perimeter, where it is most important.

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