3 uses for rapid deploy electric fencing


Most businesses and organisations know how effective electric fencing can be now for security. But did you know that there is a wide range of choice in the type of fencing you can use? This allows you to pick the perfect option for your specific needs. One popular choice is rapid deploy electric fencing – but what could you use this for?

Permanent fencing breached

One awesome use for this type of fencing is when your permanent security fencing has a temporary breach. You may, for example, find that storm damage has left a section of your permanent fencing with a big hole in it. The issue comes when it takes you a few days to get it fixed, thus leaving your perimeter vulnerable for this period! Rather than take this risk, rapid deploy fencing can be quickly installed to plug this breach and keep your perimeter secure. It can then be removed once your permanent fencing is back to normal.

Mitigation from hostile vehicle threat

The threat from hostile vehicle attacks is sadly something we are having to think about on a global scale now. These types of attacks can happen anywhere at any time – often with no warning. Rapid deploy electric fencing is perfect if you have an unguarded part of your site which you need to protect – fast. Not only can it be erected quickly due to no engineering works being needed, but it is tough enough to offer superb protection.

Temporary events/festivals

Of course, for many people, this sort of fencing is most commonly associated with temporary events and festivals. From one-off music festivals to political conferences or temporary sporting events, it is a great option. Not only can it be easily put up and taken down when needed but it looks great and keeps everyone in attendance safe. It is also handy for keeping out people who are not allowed into the event.

RapidPulse fencing from Harper Chalice

With low power consumption and no civil engineering works needed, the RapidPulse electric fencing system from Harper Chalice is ideal for any of the above uses. If you would like to find out more about it, get in touch at sales@harperchalice.com today.

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