COVID and the effect on security of your business


COVID has hit everyone in a different way and businesses and how they operate are no different! Staff members working from home, premises empty for days at a time, how the world works has changed forever. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will try to exploit these new working ways and empty premises are a target for crime.

Now more than ever businesses need the peace of mind that their premises are safe and secure. Have you ever thought of Pulse Monitored Fencing? This provides a high-security solution for a number of premises, such as power stations, data centres, vehicle storage and many others. This advanced security system detects and deters any potential intruder with a very short, sharp, safe pulse.

The fence can be custom built to meet the need of your business so this security solution can be the answer you are looking for regardless of whether you have a small commercial building or a large, high-level security site. Pulse Monitored Fencing is one of the most effective forms of security available. The fence will consist of metal wires, which are spaced and tensioned between insulated fence posts.

Don’t be reactive to your business security. You might think that you don’t need any security system but in the new, modern working world it is better to be prepared. The pulse fence system offers numerous advantages to businesses:

  • Deterrence: Warning signs placed around the fencing to put off would-be intruders and the fear of how the pulse might feel acts as a psychological factor.
  • Detection: The system can be activated and deactivated as needed, so that it can be safe for customers and staff but armed when the premises are empty and you can schedule the time the fence is active.
  • Notifications: System updates will be sent to staff who are set up to receive them so any breach attempt can be identified in terms of location, time and activating digital video recording.

Don’t regret not protecting your business premise! Security of your business is paramount to your business and Pulse Monitored Fencing can take care of your every security need. Contact Harper Chalice Today!

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