Does your business need PIDS?


A perimeter intrusion detection system can bolster the security of your home or business building. The system delivers world-class protection capabilities at an affordable cost. However, better security is not its only advantage. This blog post will examine the main benefits of a perimeter intrusion detection system.

Creates discretion

Your business does not have to reveal all its assets and operations. Sometimes, you need to keep prying eyes away. The best solution is introducing an elite intrusion detection system.

The detection system will identify attacks during the early stages and trigger an alarm. These activities will happen in utmost secrecy to avoid detection. In most cases, intruders won’t suspect that they are walking into a trap.

Introduces workplace safety

Research has found a link between violent crime and successful perimeter intrusion. High-value assets typically attract dangerous intruders. Relying on police protection may not be appropriate because police security has several weaknesses and inadequacies. If an armed intruder breaches your perimeter, the safety and lives of your staff members will be in danger. You can avoid these worries by installing a perimeter intrusion detection system.

Enhances security flexibility

Each section of your business premises has its unique security requirements. A blanket security solution will not secure your entire business. Instead, you need a flexible system to combat mutating security challenges.

A perimeter intrusion detection system has different levels of protection. Certain parts of your business premises may require footpaths protection. Others may be susceptible to unauthorised foot traffic and noise. A powerful intrusion detection system will eliminate these challenges since it comes with flexible security solutions.

Makes early warnings possible

The early detection of problems can improve the effectiveness of the response system. Your security team needs to be ready as soon as an intruder begins to climb your perimeter wall. It should also respond quickly whenever any suspicious activity occurs within your premises.

Early warnings can prevent thefts of high-value goods since intruders will be detected quickly. This can be a good solution for businesses that occupy massive premises.

Final words

When most business owners hear about an advanced security system, they think of an expensive security protocol. However, a perimeter intrusion detection system is an affordable but highly effective security system. Get in touch to find out more.