What are PIDs?


Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) refer to sensors mounted on fences that can detect and monitor movement in the form of an intrusion. The system will detect anything that touches the fence, and will alert the owner of the PIDS that an intrusion has taken place. Detection happens via a reflected wave, detecting vibrations and audible signals.

Highly effective security solution

Whether you are an individual with a private property, or whether you are a business with commercial premises to protect, a PID can be an effective security solution. You can erect a fence around your land and attach sensors to prevent and detect intruders – keeping your property safe and your mind at rest.

A source of prevention

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems will also prevent intruders from trying to get into your property or land. They will often be visible and will warn intruders that electric shocks or alarms will be set off if they try to enter. PIDS can therefore detect when people attempt to climb a fence of break perimeter walls.

Advanced technology features

Every year, thousands of sites enjoy protection from intruders thanks to the technology within PIDS. Due to advances in technology, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems now also come with many impressive built-in features, such as a vibra sensor, which can be mounted onto the fence and detects the exact point at which an intruder attempted to enter the property. Vibra sensors can be mounted onto a range of different fencing types, including an expanded metal fence, palisade fence, a chain-link fence, a welded mesh fence, doors and gates, and walls, floors and ceilings.

High-security needs

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems are used in a range of settings for providing effective security. They are most suitable for high-security environments, as they are one of the most successful ways to detect intrusion while also deterring it in the first place.

You are likely to find Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems within settings such as high-security prisons, schools and colleges, sports facilities, high profile entertainment venues, industrial sites, and around areas that present a danger.

What are the benefits of installing a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System?

There are many benefits to having a specialist Perimeter Intrusion Detection System installed around your facility. If you require the maximum level of security, PIDS can be an effective part of a holistic site security strategy. The main benefits of having a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System are:

  • High visibility: These systems can be highly visible, which acts as a deterrent for intruders
  • They can be fixed onto practically any fence or wall
  • They can help you to detect the exact point that an intruder entered your premises (or attempted to do so), which can help you to identify possible improvements needed to your set-up
  • They can be discreet: If you do not want your Perimeter Intrusion Detection System to be visible, it doesn’t need to be. A PID can sit discretely on your perimeter, drawing no extra attention to itself if this is what is needed
  • It can quickly alert you to danger: Your Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can immediately alert you to a potential problem. It picks up on unusual vibrations and sounds to send you an alert as soon as an intrusion happens
  • They do not require any specialist training to use: Your Perimeter Intrusion Detection System expert will be able to install your device for you when you purchase it. However, you will be able to easily use it once it’s in place, requiring little to no training on how it works.

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