What are the key points to think about when installing electric security fencing?


Security has always been important for businesses and this is certainly true in the modern age. Not only does top-level security keep staff and visitors safe, but it also protects your grounds, while also safeguarding stock. While there are many fabulous security solutions available to use, electric fencing is still one of the most popular. But what should you think about before having any installed?

Choose a tailored solution

Whatever industry you operate in, no one site is ever the same. Every business premises will have its own unique layout and unique security needs as a result. From the size to the shape of your perimeter, your site may well need a different design in terms of electric security fencing installation when compared to another. With this in mind, it is crucial to find a tailored solution. Doing this means you will get electric fencing that perfectly meets your specific needs.

Think about the type of fencing

As well as finding a tailored solution for your site, you should think carefully about the type of electric security fencing that you will have installed. People tend to think that all-electric fencing is the same – but this is not true. It is therefore vital to research the various types around and pick one to use that best meets your needs. If you store valuable plant machinery in a cage, for example, the CageSecure system of fencing might be your best bet.

Make sure to find the best supplier and installer

Of course, the last really important point is to choose who supplies and installs your electric fencing wisely. There is a lot of choice on the market now but not all companies will give the highest levels of service. Choosing a well-established supplier who is experienced in the sector is, therefore, a must. This will mean you get the best advice to work from and also end up with fencing installed correctly.

Electric security fencing from Harper Chalice

Here at Harper Chalice, we have worked with many businesses across a variety of sectors to supply and install top-class electric fencing. This has given us the knowledge and experience to offer a service that is second to none. Get in touch at sales@harperchalice.com for more details.

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