What is the fastest way to secure your site?


When you have important assets to protect, establishing security quickly is key. While there’s no doubt that a dedicated CCTV network can be invaluable once set up onsite, it can take time to deploy and test. For this reason, the swiftest way to put effective protection in place is to erect an impenetrable perimeter fence. In the following sections, we’ll look at two key offerings supplied by that have been designed to enable effective protection as soon as possible.

Swift security with RapidSecure

Our specialist team took our approved high-security solution FenceSecure and adapted it for rapid deployment. Employing the same enhanced technology and high-performance rating, the RapidSecure provides an ideal option for those requiring an easy to establish security fence they can depend on.

For a simple and speedy installation, this state-of-the-art solution features pre-assembled mesh panels capable of detecting attempts made by intruders to penetrate your perimeter. Employing a user-friendly plug and play system, onsite security will receive an early warning of intrusions enabling them to respond rapidly.

An added benefit of the systems is their flexibility. Using a modular design, RapidSecure panels can be adjusted or reconfigured as necessary depending on your changing security needs.

Adding an electrical deterrent with RapidPulse

Sites needing even stauncher security measures can opt for the equally easy to deploy RapidPulse option. Developed in close partnership with other UK Manufacturers, Highway Care and Zaun Limited, RapidPulse ships pre-assembled on our SecureGuard fencing system offering an effective defence against intrusion attempts on foot and brute attacks by vehicle.

As with all Pulse monitored electric fence solutions, this powerful security measure delivers both a physical and psychological deterrent to intruders.

For a quick set up, no ground or civil works are required to deploy this powerful option, allowing the entire system to be operational in hours.

Experts in Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID)

Designing, manufacturing, and installing PID solutions right here in the UK, Harper Chalice can be depended on for assistance whenever required. If you need advice on the latest options available for high-security applications, simply contact our specialist team today for guidance.