Do you need to protect your business with an electric fence?


Electric fences are becoming an increasingly popular form of protection for many companies, but they might seem slightly excessive to some business owners. However, in many cases, businesses do not understand their crucial need for a higher security system around the perimeter of their property until they are the victim of theft or damage. In this blog post we’ll go over a few of the reasons your business might need to consider electric fencing for the perimeter of your property.

High-value assets

If your business has a lot of high-tech equipment, or you run a retail business that sells a lot of valuable stock, then you’ll know you’re at a much higher risk of serious theft. In these situations, only a serious deterrent such as an electric fence will persuade criminals that targeting your premises just isn’t worth the risk.

Keeping stock or equipment outside

If you run a business where a lot of your valuable assets are stored outside, for example if you own a car dealership or a warehouse, then it’s well worth considering some heavy-duty electric fencing to keep thieves away. You can add all the locks and alarms you want to the building itself, but if you’re keeping high-value items outside of this protection, you’re going to need an extra layer of armour.

You’ve been the victim of crime previously

If your business has previously been the victim of theft or criminal damage, then it’s likely you need more security to stop this happening again. This is especially true if your property is located in an area with higher-than-average levels of crime. An electric fence is the perfect way to step up your security, and let anyone who is considering targeting you know that you mean business.

Install electric fencing on your property today

Prevention is better than a cure, so if you’ve recognised your business in the factors we’ve listed here, it’s worth considering electric fencing today. Harper Chalice provide cutting edge security technology to businesses all over the UK, and our advanced systems are renowned for their effectiveness, even in the most demanding areas. For more information about the perimeter detection systems we are able to provide, or any assistance with the above, please get in touch with us today.